Workshops: Advanced Techniques

Each workshop focuses on a specific design to advance our glass-cutting techniques. Workshops build on the knowledge introduced in a Sip N’ Fuse class or MoltenWorks Orientation. Age 21+.

Attendance of at least one Sip N’ Fuse Experience or MoltenWorks Orientation is strongly recommended for workshop attendance.

Orientation to MoltenWorks

To view the schedule of each workshop for the whole year, expand the date range to end March 31, 2020

Ornament Workshops!

Ornament workshops include a punchcard with 5 ornaments. Instruction focuses on creating specific, small shapes with guidance on creating trees, packages, wreaths & holly leaves. Feel free create ornaments of your own design.

Ornaments - Working in Detail

Ornament Punchcard
from 45.00

Create ornaments during Open Studio with an active Ornament Punchcard. Punchcards will be available for pickup at the Studio, though can be mailed upon request.

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Birch Trees

To view the schedule for each workshop, expand the date range to end March 31, 2020

Birch or Aspen trees make a beautiful fused glass piece, but the small pieces are often intimidating. We’ll guide you in making a beautiful birch or aspen tree scene.

Birch Trees

Portraits in Frit

To view the schedule for each workshop, expand the date range to end March 31, 2020

Are you an animal lover? Design a portrait of your pet or favorite animal in this workshop. We will be working primarily with frit (glass with the texture of sand). For best results, bring two copies of the same photo or picture, cropped to fit a 8” square or a 9” circle.

Portraits in Frit Workshop

Flower Varieties Workshop

Varieties of flowers are one of our most popular designs. Instruction includes glass cutting specifically for flowers as well as using other glass materials to create various flower types.

Flower Variety Workshop

Workshop Fees

$45 or a MoltenWorks gift certificate per person

Members: Workshop registrations are included with your memberships. If you’ve used all your registrations, prepay for 3 registrations for $90 at the studio.

Groups of 5 or more automatically receive the group rate of $35 per person when registering as a group. If you would prefer each member of the group register individually, click here to request the group rate.