Birthday Time!

Well it's my birthday....Can't believe it snuck up on me so fast!  Today I am 22 years old.  I told myself last year I would be self employed by my birthday this year and boy am I close!  Its the most gratifying to see all that hard work pay off and worth the sacrifice of the "good times" I'm missing that most 21 year olds experience the entire first they are legal.  This is not to say don't have fun, but now is when we are at our prime! They say these are the best years of your life, so wouldn't you want to use your peak performance to achieve all your goals?

Never give up on what you want.  The only fear that I totally agree keeps us stuck in our daily lives is the fear of being great.  Greatness is very scary, especially when it means sacrificing social norms and striving for your dreams and goals no matter what anyone says.

Anyway, thats my inspiration for the week, now for MoltenWorks progress:

-The Issaquah art walk was a wonderful time with great success!

-I am applying to Gallery North in Edmonds this week to have a solid gallery to display my work.

-I'm also moving into a new place so things are going to be a bit scattered this week till I get fully settled in.


Please contact me for custom work! Any design you see I can implement into other pieces or dishes.

Have a wonderful Sunday, I'm off to Lake Tapps!


Remember, Greatness is within us all.

Little morning firing....Can't help but go to the studio. 

Little morning firing....Can't help but go to the studio.