Moving and a Broken Car

It sure has been a hectic week since my birthday!  My car broke down twice on me and spent the weekend and beginning of the week in the shop and I spent all weekend moving into my new place!  

A few updates:

The next phase to get into Gallery North in Edmonds is in motion; I have to show my work for a panel of judges and receive a 65% majority vote to be accepted to sell my work here!  This will take place September 8th.

Voting begins August 15th for the flowers galore contest! Vote MoltenWorks' birdbath flower design at

My inventory online is currently low due to the transitions I've been making and will bolster up shortly!  Feel free, however, to contact me directly for custom work or even coasters or other product you see a picture of and would like to order!

I am also still working numbers with Made in Washington, and looking for other potential retailers!

Little inspiration for the week:

This week I was hit by a storm of events that have really stirred up some hard times.  It seems like times like these are the tests in our lives to see how much we can handle and stay strong.  A great quote that gets me through is "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."  Never give up, even when it seems near impossible how you will make it through!  

It's always darkest before the dawn... 

Enjoy the lovely weather!