Nothing like a little metal to accent glasswork.  I came up with the design for my tables and candle holders, and not knowing anything about welding at the time, I found a welder.  A wonderful friend's brother was the one for the job.  So we got together and whipped up a product.  Easy right? I forgot to mention he lives in Arizona.  Slightly harder? Oh yeah Metal is not the lightest and these tables do not disassemble.... We still got it done of course!  Shortly after I was not quite satisfied with the stands and realized I wanted a more modern look for my stands. So I turned to laser cutting...Thats a whole other subject, but very precise and beautiful.  Now for welding those legs on....Crash course in stick welding (Hardest kind) with my business partner Randall as my teacher.

"Just get it close and you'll create the arch and start welding....And maybe do a zigzag pattern so it connects"

And that was how I learned.  It was fun while it lasted, but we realized with precision cut metal, we need precision welded pieces and therefore found a local welder to help us out...Much better....Ill stick to what I'm good at....Glass.


Daily Glass Lingo: Frit- Glass that has been broken into small pieces great for mosaic work. (see Below)