Lets break some Glass!

No not on purpose! Jeez.... Glass is a medium built on cuts, frustration, and beauty.  What a combo right?  I constantly have around 3 to 5 cuts on my hand at any given time. Not only cuts, but glass likes to split randomly when its being cut. Just when you thought you had a straight line ZING! there goes your plans for that sheet of glass... (See Below)  Now with all this frustration why do it you ask? Just when your about to smash some glass (I prefer a hammer) you finish your design and say hello to the third element: Beauty. 

Flashback:  Now  everyday I will also catch you up on how MoltenWorks came to be.

There was a time when I thought I was going to be an engineer (freshman year in fact)  I was living in Colorado where I had been for 9 years when I found out I was moving here after the summer.  Flash foward to Junior year in high school and I took my first business class (Marketing 101) after that I was hooked.  This entrepreneur thing sounded exactly what I wanted.  Now whats a grand business idea?... Well in fact my art teacher presented me with a vase idea (see Below).  His pitch was I could vary the color and make about 8 in a kiln at once.  So I wrote a business plan (used it to compete in deca) and presented to a few investors...

To be Continued....