I love hearing all the stories and experiences people have at MoltenWorks.  It inspires me everyday to make our studio and experience the best it can be!  Thank you all for the kind words.

-Kevin Creekmore, Founder

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This is really fun. Many of us had no idea what we were doing. Our instructor said, “Have fun, don’t overthink it!”
— Sip n' Fuse Artist, July 28th, 2016
I had so much fun last night creating some awesome glass art. It’s clear Kevin has a lot of passion for his company and what he does. I can’t wait to come back and make something else. Definitely check this place out!
— Katie, Sip n' Fuse Artist, July 21st, 2016
This is the best place ever! Very relaxing, and fun! The owners love what they do. A place for a date, ladies night, or even solo! (I went solo and loved it. met some awesome people.)
— Sip n' Fuse Artist, July 6th, 2016
Fun, creative evening. Great activity to do with your friends.
— Sip n' Fuse Artist, June 16th, 2016
MoltenWorks is the BEST place to create, connect and experience glass fusing.
Absolutely LOVE this place!!!!!
— Sip n' Fuse Artist, June 15th, 2016
It was so much fun that we didn’t want to leave. Can’t wait to go again!
— Sip n' Fuse Artist, May 14th, 2016
We had a great time! It was a perfect atmosphere and we all van’t wait to pickup our creations. The staff was so great and really helpful!! Will definitely be back!
— Sip n' Fuse Artist, May 11th, 2016
This was a great time and a fun experience. Kevin is super nice and it was well worth the cost so go do it!
— Sip n' Fuse Artist, April 13th, 2016
Kevin is AMAZING!!! This guy is seriously one to watch
Had the best time ever at MoltenWorks yesterday. His studio is clean, well organized, tons of materials to choose from. Beautiful work displayed... enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity FLOW from this place.
I’m HOOKED and can’t wait to fuse again!!!
— Tammy, Sip n' Fuse Artist, April 7th, 2016
We had such a wonderful evening at the Valentine’s Day event and now have beautiful glass bowls as a reminder!
— Kim, First Time Fuser, February 24th, 2016