MoltenWorks Origin

My name is Kevin and I founded MoltenWorks. What is MoltenWorks, you ask?

It started in a Marketing 101 Class in high school. I was taking engineering classes thinking that was my path in Colorado, prior to moving to Seattle.  

As the class went on, we had the opportunity to create a mock product and market it.  I loved every minute of the process, creating and marketing uFind, a sticker with a tracker in it so you would never lose anything. Not a bad first idea. I was hooked after this class and took an entrepreneurship class next. While in that class, I was part of the DECA program, pitching my ideas and absorbing every ounce of information on entrepreneurship I could.  DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America and their mission is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

At the same time I was in DECA, I was also in a ceramics class with a teacher who recognized my passion for creativity and entrepreneurship.  My teacher let me experiment with fused glass after I had finished my other projects early.  He said, “Here’s an idea for you that might sell; I know you’re into that entrepreneurship stuff.”  No questions asked, I jumped in head first. I looked up how to start a business, got a license and was on my way! Next stop was the glass distributor to buy my lot of glass I was going to make product with. I spent $1,000 and got right to work, spending time after school to cut the shapes I needed for my vases I wanted to make.

Why glass, you ask?

I didn’t found MoltenWorks to become a world-famous artist.  I just looked back at the classes I had taken and recognized how often I gravitated toward art and creativity.  From an early age I was repurposing all sorts of things to “invent” new ideas, including a basketball hoop for my trash can.  Growing up, I saw my dad create beautiful furniture out of ordinary pieces of wood.  Watching him create with the wood was a special kind of magic and that magic is also art.  I learned to appreciate art as more than drawing or sketching, neither of which I think I’m very good at.  Art is working with a medium, learning about it and working with it in ways that have not yet been discovered.

I wish I could say there was an easy path of “fusing" glass and business, but there is no guidebook.  My path forward is simply looking back at where I thrived and going with my gut.  The truth is, I never thought about entirely how glass and business would end up, but I knew there was a connection.  Nearly 10 years later, I’ve discovered creativity is a powerful force and it changes peoples lives and mental states for the better. A light inside of them, if you will, that comes out when they have this opportunity to make their vision become a reality on glass.  

I am here to share the tales of MoltenWorks and the mission of spreading creativity to the world.  To everyone that has supported our mission and everyone yet to experience it, I am forever grateful to you.

-Kevin Creekmore