Fusing glass is a balance between art and science.

You bring the art - through your use of the many materials we have available and what design you create. Each person has a different source of inspiration. We bring the science. The type of glass we use requires knowledge of how to cut glass and change temperatures and times on a kiln to get the desired result. Our team is on-hand to help you create your design by applying our knowledge of the science behind the glass.

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What we make in class

You can choose from a variety of shapes, including a round plate, large or small square plate, large or small bowl, a pair of coasters, or large or small candleholder. You may also leave your project flat.

Photo: large candle holder that started as a round base piece.

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Tools We Use

Each class includes an introduction you to tools you'll use in our classes. Some glass we cut, some we break and some we use as is. Our instructors are on hand to provide any one-on-one instruction you need.


Layer the materials

To create texture and fill in gaps between pieces, layer the glass pieces up to 3 layers high! You only have to fill in gaps if you want! There's no right way to design your piece.