Seattle Pride - Lotus Glow

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Seattle Pride - Lotus Glow


Let your light shine through!

Lotus Glows are luminous fused glass candleholders with a dazzling glow unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Set it on a white surface in a dark room to see it fully bloom!

Lotus Glows are so much more than simply candleholders; they create a magical experience. People enjoy using them in so many ways:

· Meditation/yoga room

· Place settings for meals or events

· Grouped as centerpieces

· Dinner party bathroom enhancement

· Wedding decorations + party favors

· Corporate event decorations + raffle items/give-aways

Sure to delight you and your friends, they are perfect gifts. We happily accept custom color orders for weddings. Lotus Glows make a sanctuary out of any and every space.

Each candleholder is approx. 2.5” wide by 1” tall (at the tips of the petals). Tea light candle included. 

Ask about carrying our product in your store or for corporate gifting.

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