How do I book a Class?

Click on 'Classes' under the book now tab. Or check out the calendar to see it by month.  Once you decide which class you wish to take, add your class to the cart and proceed to checkout.  We will send you a confirmation of your class with some more info.

How do private parties work?

Check our calendar and find a date that your interested in that we don't already have an event scheduled.  Call or email to book your class.  You will have 30 minutes beforehand to setup food and beverage for the party as well as any other decor you wish.  Rentals are 2 hours long and you will have access to all of our options including coasters, 6 inch plate/bowl, 8 inch square, or 9 inch round.  Check out our teaching videos to get an idea of what you will be doing.


How much do private parties cost?

Group Rate & Private Party Options


Groups of 5-15

Rate: $35/Person

Includes: Sip n’ Fuse ticket to create any of our beginner options. Upgrades available for additional cost, but in no way required to create an amazing personalized fused glass piece. ($5-$35 for upgrades) This option would be for groups coming in during our regular class times when availability allows for the size group coming in. Our classes fit up to 30, so book early to guarantee availability. 


Groups of 15+ 

OPTION 1 - Private Event/Team Building

Rate: $200 studio rental fee** (Due to reserve event time) + $65/Person

Includes: Sip n’ Fuse class with your 2 hour studio rental, plus 30 min prior to set up if needed. Black and White blanks available for no additional cost (reg $5-10 additional). Great for team building and private events for groups over 15. 

**Groups over 30 will have studio rental fee credited to final invoice & only pay $65/person


OPTION 2 - Group Rate

Rate: $35/person

For groups coming in during our regular class times. If availability allows & payment is received 2 weeks prior to event, groups can come in during our regular class times. In addition, if interested in a class time within 2 weeks & we have availability arrangements can be made. Great for groups that do not need a private class. 


Please note these are brief outlines of the group options and private event options we offer. For a quote, or to find out which option works best for your group, email

**All Material are included for all parties**


What is MoltenWorks Mobile?

We now offer mobile glass making events!  

We have a few tiers of glass making we can provide at your venue.

Stay Tuned for all the Info....